What can Hypnotherapy do for you?

Hypnotherapy can help a long list of issues, the most popular being habit change, phobias, anxiety and stress. Below are some examples of why people turn to this complimentary and alternative medicine.  Regardless of your reason, all initial consultations are free and we can find out together if this can help you.

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Motivation and Confidence


Find, increase or improve your confidence and motivation.  Whether it's for a specific purpose, like speaking at a public event or if a lack of it is holding you back from finding your true potential. 

Pain Management


While Hypnotherapy will not address any underlying medical issues, it can certainly increase your quality of life through the management, and in some cases the eradication, of pain.  

Habit Change


Habits such as smoking or nail biting, are often changed through the means of hypnosis.  As in all hypnotherapy treatments, the degree of success is dependent on the level of ones willingness and need to make the change. 

Fears and Phobias


We were only born with two fears: loud noises and falling.  So however we learnt this new fear or phobia, whether it's needles, spiders, planes or dogs, you can unlearn it here.

Weight Management


Start looking at food as something other than 'treats' and 'sins'.  Let go of any emotional reasons that might be linked to your current eating habits and start enjoying eating less, thus leading to a healthy and sustainable weightloss journey.

Anxiety or Stress


I believe that stress and anxiety are the most popular reasons that people seek out a Hypnotherapist.  The speed at which we run our lives today has led to an epidemic of stress-related illnesses. Let me help you take back control of your life today.